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You place the order.

You can place an account order on the ‘Order Accounts‘ page.


Your order is sent to us.

If your transaction went smoothly, then your order will be immediately sent to us.


We prep your account.

Unfortunately, we are not robots. We also do not use bots for any part of our process.


Delivered within 24hrs.

All accounts are usually delivered between 5 minutes -> 3 hours. Never longer than 24 hours.

Why Trust Us?

dont trust us, trust our community


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I was nervous my first time ordering from these guys, but I did it anyway. After I placed my order, it wasn’t even 5 minutes and I received the account with all of the details.

Ever since, I just keep on coming back and back.

RussianismLegendary Eagle

Great people, great service, great product. 10/10 – will be back again.

VimtoSupreme Master First Class

Place order – get account. Not much more to say.

If you’re sick of shady forums and random people scamming you, then BuySmurfs is where to go. Came here, never went back.

KeweeLegendary Eagle

I hate having to buy smurfs from insecure and unsafe forums, over shady skype calls. BuySmurfs is honestly the most trustworthy Smurf source I can find.

Uncle SamLegendary Eagle Master

Who Are We?

We are collective group of people, just like you, who hope to bring fun into all games by giving players the opportunity to experience all levels of the competitive scene.

From the lowest ranks, to the highest mmr, we cater for all levels of competition.

Our goal for is to become not only the leading smurf account location, but also host the only the most premium quality products and services.

Our team of gaming enthusiasts can assist you at any point of your time here at, and help you find the product right for you.

  • Leading and Learning

    Smurf accounts allow players who are in the same team as the smurf to learn. As long as the smurf gives advice to his team mates occasionally the community will grow and become better as a result.

  • Hardened through Experience

    Playing against smurfs will be difficult. You will have to outsmart the other player to win. Although this may seem cruel, think to yourself “Have I learnt something new without putting myself outside my comfort zone?”

  • Peace of Mind

    Players with higher rank can play in a more relaxing environment.

    Have you ever had ladder anxiety?
    Do you fear losing your rank from hackers and DDOS attacks?

    Well fear no longer! By having a smurf account, you can relieve yourself and enjoy the game.