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I can’t love anything more than CSGO, it has been my first choice when it comes to computer games for years. I grew up playing it and I wish I could grow old playing it. I never got a chance to play with dad but I want to play CSGO with my Kids, I wish they admire it as much as I do. Since you are here looking for minor details about CSGO, I’m assuming that you are a pro lover of CSGO. Every time, I play CSGO, my heartbeat goes out of track. CSGO has always fascinated me. In this particular content, I’ll talk about some technical details related to CSGO smurf Accounts. Today, I’ll take through different Ranks assigned in CSGO and How to get promoted easily (surprise). I don’t think you are the person who doesn’t want to unlock new badges. Actually no one likes to play on the same level for years. We, humans, need that push to remain interested in anything. I’m not including the very first Rank of CSGO in this guide because every player who has been playing CSGO for a couple of days will achieve it automatically. But that doesn’t mean you can play the way you want, you need to prove that you are worth promoting to the next Rank. I have seen players struggling hard to get promoted. I don’t want you to be a part of them.

Different Ranks of CSGO Players.

In total CSGO has 18 Ranks and with each Rank, competition varies. CSGO Ranks are categorized into different levels. Each level has some set of Ranks that is assigned to players based on their recent performance in their gameplays. Four levels for different Ranks of CSGO are :

  1. First Level (Silver)
  2. Second Level (Nova)
  3. Third Level (Guardian)
  4. Fourth Level (Elite)

First Level (Silver)

The first level has 6 different Ranks, In CSGO the first level has 6 different Silver Ranks. All the players of these Ranks are generally newbies or some basic CSGO players. You won’t compete against highly-skilled players. These Ranks are mainly assigned to the players who don’t have a proper understanding of the game and can’t think of their gameplay strategies. Once you got the momentum and got enough understanding of the maps that now you can assume your opponent’s next move then you will be promoted to the next level. There is no shortcut to skip any of the Rank, you have to be a consistent performer in each gameplay. Besides this, there could be some players with expert level skills but recently created their profile. So better be careful, you might face some challenges while clearing some particular stages. Following are the 6 Ranks available in the First level:

  • Silver I (S1);
  • Silver II (S2);
  • Silver III (S3);
  • Silver IV (S4);
  • Silver Elite (SE);
  • Silver Elite Master (SEM)

Once you have scored enough to cross the final Rank i.e “Silver Elite Master (SEM)”, you will be promoted to the second level.

Second Level (Nova)

In this Nova level i.e Second level of Ranks, there are 4 different Ranks. In this level of Ranks, you need to have appropriate strategies before entering any gameplay. Nova level has challenges at every stage and sometimes it gets really tough to get through a particular stage. Competition in the Nova level is way tougher than the first level. You can’t just enter the gameplay to have a walk around, you need to have a strategic approach. At this level, you’ll get the most experience and somewhere it’ll help you achieve more rewards in CSGO. As per my experience, Nova Level is the most time-consuming level yet the most worthy level. Following are the 4 Ranks of Nova Level:

  • Gold Nova I
  • Gold Nova II
  • Gold Nova III
  • Gold Nova Master

Third Level (Guardian)

After successfully crossing the second level i.e Nova, you will be promoted to the third level i.e Guardian. Here you have to constantly perform according to a strategy. You can’t aim anywhere and shoot, you have to be precise and sharp. In this, maximum players learn how to actually aim and shoot in CSGO. Here you have face comparatively tough opponents and you won’t be playing against some beginner. Each and every move of your Plan must be preplanned or at least you should plan before executing your enemy. Earlier, in the above two levels, it was okay to play without any game plan but in Guardian levels, things are a bit different. You won’t be able to survive for more than a few minutes if you will enter the game without proper planning. After playing a few games, you will understand each and every bit of CSGO. Once you have achieved all the Ranks of Guardian level, you can consider yourself a pro player of CSGO. Following are the 4 Ranks of Guardian Level:

  • Master Guardian I
  • Master Guardian II
  • Master Guardian Elite
  • Distinguished Master Guardian

Fourth Level (Elite)

Here comes the most interesting level of CSGO. Once you have entered this level, you probably will be playing with a team. Though you can play solo, but in order to experience the gameplay to another level, you will need a team. You need to have players in your team, on whom you can trust and rely. If you will lose multiple games in a row, chances are, you will be demoted to the previous Rank. Following are the 4 Ranks of Elite level:

  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • The Global Elite

Note: There isn’t any official categorization of levels of Ranks in CS GO, I have created them on my own so that you can have a better understanding.

Final Notes

In order to get promoted regularly, you need to be consistent in your game and no doubt, you need to maintain a winning streak. As per my experience, a winning streak of at least five games can help you climb the ranks more frequently. But it’s not guaranteed. There are some other factors that play a very important role in the promotion process. Your kill/death ratio, a total number of MVP awards generally adds up some extras in the promotion. My advice would be, play the game naturally and try and evolve with each stage. You need to improve with every level you cross, otherwise, you might think that CSGO is trying to put you between very high-level players and you will end up uninstalling a gem.

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