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  2. You should put valid details during checkout. Anyone found using fake information will result in order cancellation and 90% amount will be refunded back within 5-7 days.
  3. Buysmurfs does not cover Matchmaking Cooldowns for team kills, leaving a game, kicking too many teammates or being kicked too many times.
  4. If you get VAC, Community BAN or maybe you get Deranked after purchasing of Steam Account(s), then buysmurfs.com will not be responsible for that. As all our accounts are clean and we check our account(s) twice before sending to client(s).
  5. We are selling brand new Steam Accounts by that means maybe you can add friends or maybe you can’t. If you can’t add friends then you have to spend 5$ on steam store or you can also add 5$ wallet code. You can’t ask refund for this. This is a rule of Steam, we can’t do anything with this.
  6. Delivery: We have automated delivery system. We provide delivery to your billing email address within 5-10 minutes after your purchase or you can also get Instant Product details from our website “MY ACCOUNT -> VIEW ORDERS” tab after successful Payment is done (for that you need to create an account in our website).
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  8. Buysmurfs reserves the right to ban any user from the website at any time without prior notice.
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